Meet Valerie Brown and find out why she wants to be The Last Mayor of London

She only has one policy: To give The Power to The People

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We don't need Politicians! Let the People Decide!

Valerie Brown is a Mother and grandmother. She wants legally binding Citizens Assemblies

These will replace the traditional mayoral role and put Londoners in control of the changes they want to see in their city

Read all about Citizens’ Assemblies

Read the Manifesto for Valerie’s LondonMayoral Campaign

She only has one policy: To give the power to the people. She needs your vote

All voices heard. Tell the truth. Deeds not words.

Valerie says her job is to implement the vision Londoners have for their city

She wants London to be a model that other cities can follow. We can show that a major city can thrive when people lead the way
London Run by the People for the People

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We have a plan that needs leaders!

Valerie Brown is not a politician, She is a Londoner A vote for Valerie is a vote for you

Valerie’s political aim is to place communities firmly at the heart of decision making. We need you, Your city needs you! Vote for London’s Heart – Burning Pink Party!

Get Involved! We Need You!

Make London the first city to be run by the people for the people

Join us and help us make history. We can do this!

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Valerie for London’s Fund Raising Progress:£11,888 of £25,000

£11,888 of £25,000

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