UK councils face choice between climate action and revolt

Date: January 18, 2021

Location: Throughout England & Wales

Date: January 18, 2021

Location: Throughout England & Wales

UK’s newest anti-political party Burning Pink issues councils across the UK an ultimatum – act on the climate emergency or expect mass civil disobedience.

Burning Pink banner. Hastings Borough Council

18th January 2021

New anti-political party Burning Pink demands that councils honour their climate emergency declaration to act on ecological collapse and social breakdown or face a campaign of nonviolent civil disobedience starting on Monday 15th February 2021.
Party members, including Extinction Rebellion co-founder Roger Hallam, have issued 21 councils across the UK with a letter outlining 12 demands.
The letter insists that councils call on the government to “immediately slash carbon emissions to protect Britain from the greatest threat in its history.”
They demand Citizens’ Assemblies that are binding in law to put residents in full control of their lives, their futures and their children’s futures.

Since the councils declared a climate and ecological emergency in 2018/19, they’ve shown little sign they actually understand the meaning of ‘emergency’.

So party members, including Extinction Rebellion co-founder and organic farmer, Roger Hallam, issued an ultimatum that they meet 12 demands or face local unrest.

In a statement stressing the urgency of the situation, Hallam said:

“The situation is beyond horrific. The climate catastrophe and the destruction of our weather systems and seasons is the greatest crisis in the history of humanity. It is now locked in. It will destroy our economy, our livelihoods, and our life plans over the next decade as the world passes 1.5°C in temperature and increases and speeds towards the 2°C limit set by the International Paris Agreement of 2015. If emergency action is not taken immediately, young people will be condemned to the ever-greater breakdown and collapse of our society – mass slaughter, rape, and starvation.”

“The councils have four weeks to respond,” said party member Blyth Brentnall. “If they don’t, they can expect civil disobedience from 15th February in Burning Pink’s inimitable style. We are completely non-violent but our direct action will be radical. We simply don’t have time to waste anymore.”

The letter states that politicians have engaged in “a treasonous betrayal of the British people by refusing to tell them the truth and refusing to protect our communities and nations”.

It was delivered to councils including Brighton and Hove, Norwich, Norfolk, Cambridge, South Kesteven, Lincolnshire, Ipswich, Milton Keynes, Hastings, Plymouth, Canterbury, Swale and Suffolk.

The delivery of the demands was accompanied by music and street art from BP members.

Stefan Lindon, who participated in the event, said: “I’m here because I’m fed up of our council claiming they’re doing enough for the planet while they let our government get away with murder. They’re being tentative when what we need is aggressive climate action starting immediately.”

Grantham in South Kesteven

In a letter to the Councils, Burning Pink urged them to take the drastic action needed to combat the climate and ecological crisis by following 12 demands. These are:

  1. Divest all council employee pension funds from fossil fuels.
  2. Switch to green tariffs for all electricity use across council buildings.
  3. Prioritise circular economics in local planning and economic policy.
  4. Ensure local planning policy aims to achieve a carbon-positive status.
  5. Update or fund the Borough Climate (& Ecological) Emergency Plan to deliver a net-zero carbon borough by 2030 at the latest.
  6. Update the council’s fleet of vehicles to electric ones at the next opportunity for a fleet lease contract review.
  7. Integrate Blue/Green/Grey Urban infrastructure Projects to make space/conserve rainwater (Sustainable Urban Drainage SUDS) and reduce flood risk.
  8. Establish a new Walking and Cycling body for the borough.
  9. Fund mandatory weekly food waste collections.
  10. Find new ways to raise money (detailed in the document below this release).
  11. Set up a year-long, legally-binding Citizens’ Assembly to agree on further actions to decarbonise their local economy over the next five years.
  12. Write an open letter to the central government giving them three months to initiate a radical transformation of the national economy to achieve net-zero emissions within five years.



Burning Pink’s 12 demands

A downloadable, full list of Burning Pink’s 12 demands can be found here: Twelve Demands of Local Councils From Burning Pink

Burning Pink presents Jamie Kelsey-Fry’s . . .

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