The UK: Run By The Rich, Stealing Futures From The Rest of Us



What does the public know about lobbyists and lobbying?

And what should the public be entitled to know in fair, democratic governance? Transparency, honesty, impartiality, duty of care to the nation would seem vital qualities to any leadership with the profound responsibility of running the country and a reasonable expectation of the electorate.

Instead, a sinister, dark machinery is in operation with extraordinary power, influence and might, which manipulates Government and lays down tracks for Government’s well-oiled wheels to run upon: the shady world of oligarchs and donors and corporate lobbyists are the real rulers. They are the ‘Government’.

The hidden revolving doors between an eye-opening number of high powered posts in large fossil fuel conglomerates and Government was well exposed in February 2021 by Mark Curtis in Declassified: this brilliantly illustrates the iron grip of the establishment on business sectors of enormous wealth, in this case the energy sector. It is all about money and self-serving. This is the canker, the evil poison which shapes the decision making of any government in power. It is the perfect set up to facilitate corrupt lobbying on an unimaginable scale. It happens largely behind closed doors and with the public neither involved or aware. It is about vested interests. This is the true seat of power. These are the creators of the climate crisis and climate and ecological emergency. There is even a hashtag on social media #shellknew.

Here’s the link to Mark Curtis’ article:

Lobbyists and corporate donors feature heavily in all economic sectors and wield phenomenal power over Government strategy, be it in the agricultural sector, the housing sector, the transport sector, the health sector and so on. The most famous example, perhaps, which people may relate to is that of the tobacco industry and its fierce ability to continue selling and profiting from cigarettes, without warning, even though it knew that smoking is a great hazard to human health. The resultant tax revenue to Government has been enormous.

This system which thrives under the free market neoliberal model has pushed the earth’s resources to its limits and is now endangering civilisation itself through a collapse of our climate and ability to survive in the subsequent catastrophic world in the near future.

It is clear we need system change and extremely rapidly because there is very little time left to lessen the worst of the climate catastrophe. It is common sense to say we need to change our lives radically: decarbonise, stop pumping greenhouse gases, stop consuming and learn a completely different way of living that enables us all to live in greater harmony with nature and with each other: without exploiting humans or the earth’s resources. It means a fairer, more compassionate world with different values of caring: our communities, health and well being paramount. Social justice is a dynamic part of the climate crisis. Our one policy at Burning Pink is for Citizens Assemblies run by the people, for the people, to create real democracy. This ‘People’s Government’ could not be corrupted by powerful oligarchs, lobbyists or donors. ‘Business as usual’ through the mechanism of ‘net zero’ would be exposed as criminal obstruction to radically act now.

Non violent direct action

The only proven way of ensuring rapid social change is through non violent direct action, as in the Civil Rights movements led by Martin Luther King or the Suffragette movement which got women the right to vote. The people who enacted civil disobedience in these particular examples changed history and outcomes were successful.  Their sacrifice of their own personal liberty bought us many freedoms.

The scale of the climate emergency is so huge that it is practically beyond our perceptions. However, we are now witnessing the beginnings of the climate emergency all over the world, e.g., wildfires, permafrost pouring out methane, biblical flooding, record heatwaves, mass evacuations, towns destroyed, crops destroyed, water shortages, and human death and suffering. It is set to get much worse.

The call to action has never been greater, against the biggest evil in history: the criminal global elite who are quite literally destroying life on earth, who have created a hell world of suffering for our children, of mass starvation and death, just because of greed, because of money.

We need you and you need us. Join The Revolution of the 21st Century.

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