Cop Kills Kids

What to expect from the TWENTY SIXTH COP after three decades of political failure?

What to expect from the host, Boris Johnson, who on the 19th COP in 2015, just after the Paris Agreement was signed, when so much was at stake for the world, wrote in the Daily Telegraph: “Global leaders [at Paris] were driven by a primitive fear that the present ambient warm weather is somehow caused by humanity; and that fear – as far as I understand the science – is equally without foundation.”

Roll forward to COP 26 and UK has only fulfilled one fifth of its climate targets: instead it has wilfully continued with its carbon regime: with HS2 ; with new rounds of licensing for oil and gas fields and a focus on the money that can be made by opening the vast Cambo oilfield near Shetland; with a new coal mine in Cumbria well in the frame; with regional and national airport expansions going ahead, knowingly flying in the face of the International Energy Agency’s instruction to end all new development of oil, gas and coal. The drivers are greed, profound arrogance and wilful dismissal of the bald facts of science in the face of the Prime Minister’s obsession with economic growth, never mind our finite resources, and macho-feeling flights of fancy involving future new tech unproven to work at scale (CCS), and thus gambling the lives of our kids.  This is a Climate Emergency, not a rich man’s casino where dice can be thrown and the rights of children to live or die can be played with by billionaire donor elites who befriend and pull the strings of Government, all for furthering their already obscene wealth.

Meanwhile, less exciting concepts such as insulating all our draughty, leaking homes, reported to be the worst in Europe, go unattended, practically ignored even, as in the latest Heat and Buildings Strategy.  The shambles and utter failure of the Green Homes Grant is long ago shoved to one side, in another pile of tax payers’ wasted money. All with no redress.

Let’s not forget the dropping of the Paris Climate goals from the Australian trade deal either or the miserly cutting of overseas aid, just when poorer nations are suffering from lack of fresh water, crop destroying heat waves, locusts, conflict, droughts and flooding.

Boris Johnson has world leaders and the world looking to him and the above has all been done in his name, on his treasonous watch.  High polluters will just turn on their heels, hunker down with their climate villain fossil fuel cronies and continue with their carbon regimes, just like Johnson. Why not? This is the pattern of human nature.  All of this has nothing whatsoever to do with “Democracy”. Zero. This is Genocide.

Meanwhile Sir David King, former Chief Scientific Advisor to the Government has just announced: “We have to move quickly.  What we do in the next 3-4 years, I believe, will determine the future of humanity”.

Translated means: There will be mass death through starvation, social collapse, energy collapse, water shortages, mass failure of crops, heat intolerance, pandemics, if we do not act in line with the science.  And nowhere is safe. Not even good old blighty.

The current system has now brought us all to the treacherous foothills of social collapse, Covid included, to global tipping points signalling our annihilation even. Only a reinvention to acting with real democracy through Citizens’ Assemblies of the people, by the people and for the people will save what can be saved.


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