Burning Pink stands in solidarity with Insulate Britain

Burning Pink stands in solidarity with Insulate Britain, while they sit for the future of humanity.

Insulate Britain, a new movement with new tactics, has taken the UK by storm. Over 100 people have spent the last fortnight blocking the M25, causing a huge amount of disruption to everyday life, and risking their own safety and liberty while doing so; whilst practicing nonviolence at its core.

Their demand is simple: the government must insulate all social housing by 2025, and all private housing by 2030.

Insulating homes is the most cost effective way of reducing UK carbon emissions; it will create over 100,000 jobs for the UK; it will save the lives of tens of thousands from exposure due to fuel poverty; it will mean that families won’t have to choose between food and heating.

This is what these teachers, carpenters, artists, social care workers, electricians, and other regular people are fighting for, while being fully aware of the risks – both the immediate risk of being run over, as well as the risk of being imprisoned for up to two years.

Why are they doing this?

Because, thanks to the government’s lack of action over the last 40 years, we as a species have found ourselves in a state best described in two words: Beyond fucked.

The tactics that most environmental protest movements have used thus far, of trying to win over the hearts and minds of the general population by using “allowed” methods and/or marketing, have not worked. Instead of creating change, they’ve simply just raised money for themselves and built mailing lists.

Some – the movements that are the most ‘popular’ amongst the public – even push the idea that by simply changing our purchasing habits, and very much staying in line with the destructive economic model that has brought us here, we can save the planet.

What is that about?

It’s about time that environmental movements stopped trying to be popular, and started using tactics that have time and time again been proven to work. High impact actions that are not only proportionate to the level of chaos we are imminently facing, but actually follow the history of social change and how it can be achieved. Let’s face facts, would Insulate Britain be at the top of the news agenda if they had just done a march?

In the UK, we are already seeing how much of a mess we’re in.

London is flooding, with vast swathes of the coast to join it under water in the next few decades.  We can see the social chaos that is brought about when there is an apparent “fuel shortage”, a preview of what will happen when vital food supply chains collapse. We have already seen how politicians will use a disaster for their own gain, instead of helping the people they’re elected to protect.

The IPCC, a conservative committee of scientists who are funded by fossil fuel companies to dilute their findings, in their latest report have announced a “code red for humanity”; Chatham House has revealed that there is a 10% chance of a +7°C world by the end of the century; the gulf stream, the ocean current that prevents us from facing Canadian temperatures in the winter, is collapsing.

Only high impact action will save us now. Whether popular with citizens or not, nothing is more important than the future of our species.

Burning Pink thanks and stands in solidarity with Insulate Britain, and every single one of the beautiful people who are risking their lives and liberty for the future of the planet.

They are heroes.
Because of them, we have a chance of survival.

As a radical action group with common understanding, Burning Pink hopes that Insulate Britain’s actions will galvanise other environmental movements into also pursuing more impactful tactics that will create the change that is necessary for human survival.

At this point, what have we got to lose?

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