Burning Pink holds The Guardian to account for breaking their Climate Pledge

Burning Pink activist and one of Valerie4London’s campaign managers Ramon Salgado-Touzon holds The Guardian to account for breaking their Climate Pledge.

Salgado-Touzon covered the facade of The Guardian head offices with Pink Paint on Friday 7th May.

In a powerful direct action Burning Pink party member holds The Guardian to account over their utter failure to report on London Mayoral candidate Valerie Brown. Valerie was the only candidate and Burning Pink the only political party in the London Mayoral election who are talking honestly about the climate and ecological emergencies and offering a real opportunity for changing the broken political system that perpetuates it. If you accept the science, you can be in no doubt that we face global social collapse unless those in authority take drastic and immediate action to reduce our emissions to zero. We are not playing games here.

Read & download the press  release here: Burning Pink Guardian Action

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