Burning Pink Holds 15 Councils To Account for inaction

UK’s Newest Political Party Burning Pink, in a coordinated nationwide action, throws pink paint all over the facades of council buildings.

Burning Pink members have been arrested and charged with criminal damage.

Burning Pink Brighton with Pink Paint

Burning Pink (BP) Holds 15 Councils To Account for inaction on their Climate and Ecological Emergency Declaration.

15th of February 2021

  • In a nationwide action, members of Burning Pink threw pink paint at the facades of local council buildings in protest at their treasonous inaction on the climate and ecological emergency.
  • New ‘anti-political’ political party Burning Pink demanded, back on the 18th January, that local Councils honour their climate emergency declaration to act on the ecological collapse and social breakdown that we now face. Or they would begin a nationwide campaign of nonviolent civil disobedience.
  • The letter gave an ultimatum for Councils to demand that the Government “immediately slash carbon emissions to protect Britain from the greatest threat to civilisation in history.”
  • Of the councils contacted, only a few responded. One Councillor from Brighton told us, in regards to our letter of ultimatum, to “shove it up our arses.”
  • The councils lack of meaningful response to Burning Pink’s ultimatum and refusal to engage in adequate dialogue meant that citizens were left with no option other than to take non violent direct action as promised.

BP Brighton Protestor with Pink Paint

In its letter dated 18-01-2021 which was simultaneously delivered to councils nationwide, Burning Pink demanded that they honour the promise they made to citizens to take drastic action needed to combat the climate and ecological emergency and protect future generations.

The letter stated that politicians have engaged in “a treasonous betrayal of the British people by refusing to tell them the truth and refusing to protect our communities and nation”.

The 12 demands issued alongside the letter include divesting all council employee pension funds, ensuring that all planning policies aim to achieve carbon positive status and changing the council fleet of vehicles to electric at the next review of fleet contract.

“We gave them four weeks to give an adequate response, and they didn’t”, says a party representative.

“They can now expect civil disobedience from February 14th, Burning Pink style!

“We are completely non-violent but our direct actions are in your face, We simply don’t have time to waste anymore. This is not extreme this is common sense, we are being the voice of reason. We have to stop this death march.”

Melanie Norman, 58, an artist from Bristol, said:
“The Public simply doesn’t have a clue about the scale of the catastrophe that we are in, that we are on a death march, that crops are already failing, including Europe, that more people are going to die: the ice is melting, it’s going to go, and that messes up the whole weather system in the world, which means we can’t grow food at scale, and that affects us all.  People are dying now; 20 countries are on the verge of famine in Africa already; it couldn’t be worse, but top scientists tell us that it will be. And Government is so deluded and obsessed with money and GDP that it continues its criminal activities by investing in carbon intensive projects both here and in the Global South, eg in the UK: airport expansions, posh trains, coal mines, mega road building projects, just enforcing the extreme wealth lust that is driven by their corporate masters. We’ll be fighting over food, not loo rolls.”

BP Bristol Protestors and Police

Dean, 56,  a carer and community builder from Plymouth said:
“I’m sick and tired of the white  washing,  green washing, so now it’s time for a pink washing.  First they denied it,  then they talked about it, they have spent two years planning it and nothing gets done. At this rate it’ll be too late to save ourselves as the increasing Climate Change will make the weather more unstable. This means that there will be too much rain or no rain, either way the crops will fail. As if that wasn’t bad enough we are using more and more “eco-toxins” on the land. These are poisoning and killing the ecology within the soil and turning it into a lifeless mud. No soil means no food and no food means riots on the street as people fight to survive and by that time it’s too late to do anything else.  We are blinded by the greed of our own needs and deaf to the cries of help from those in the global south. They are having their lands stolen from them and their resources are being plunder with the profits hidden by our offshore banking system. This is legal but immoral and is culpable in the rush of profit before people. The money oligarchs are bent on this homicidal quest that will be the death of us all. When will they realise that even they cannot eat money!”

In support of the actions, Valerie Brown, Burning Pink candidate for mayor of London said:
“Most people agree that we are living in the most challenging times in human history. But we must not give up or give in to the oppression of government and corporations. We must have the courage to stand up, and not be herded like sheep to slaughter. This is our chance to be human, our chance to use our voices, and demand our right to be heard and listened to. We must speak out. We must act now.”

Burning Pink Bristol 12 Demands Poster

A downloadable, full list of Burning Pink’s 12 demands can be found here: Twelve Demands of Local Councils From Burning Pink

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