The British Political Class is Guilty of Treason

Britain’s newest political party throws pink paint and breaks windows at four main political party headquarters to accuse them of TREASON

In the face of overwhelming criminal unwillingness to tackle the climate crisis, and thus to prevent the predicted deaths of billions of people, the Beyond Politics Party accuses political parties of treason. BP targeted four main political parties (Labour, Conservatives, Green and Liberal Democrats) for consistently avoiding emergency action against the biggest crisis in the history of humanity

Burning Pink Conservatives Action


The Beyond Politics Party (BP), Britain’s newest political party with one policy: to establish Citizens’ Assemblies.

(NOTE: The Beyond Politics Party is NOT a part of Extinction Rebellion. Some of its founders were previously Extinction Rebellion activists.)


They threw pink paint and broke windows at the HQs of the Green, Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat Parties. Several BP activists handed themselves into the police after.


Across Westminster (Labour, Conservative and Green Parties) and in Southwark (Green Party).                          

August 13th at 8am


Beyond Politics Party says: “We are beyond fucked. The climate fuckery trumps everything. 2˚C average temperature rise is effectively locked in (that means we know it’s going to happen) and without an immediate, complete changing around of the global economy – away from “growth”, there will be mass starvation and the horrors which go with it (rape and death). The present system is incapable of change, so there needs to be mass political disruption. We are here to organise that. Let’s get on with it – with all our rage and all our wit.

This government is leading us into extreme violence and chaos that will result in the breakdown of our society. Our aim is to bring down the government and replace it with Citizens’ Assemblies – a modern, well-established and reliable democratic process: rule by the people for the people.

Citizens’ Assemblies are an ‘off the cuff’ tool for decision making, using a process of selection of assembly members called ‘sortition’. They are highly effective in gaining widespread consensus, when the problem is urgent and the way forward is controversial.

There are ways we can make a reasonable world for ourselves and our children, but we have to act today. Citizens’ Assemblies can establish the overall plan to do this, acting within the necessary time frame.”

When the government breaks its contract with the people all bets are off. The BP party constitution states: “We bring in the fury of being patronised, deceived, betrayed. We use the big T word ‘TREASON’, yes, call a ‘spade a spade’. This government is making the rich richer, the poor poorer, working to kill us all. If that isn’t treason, then what is?”

Burning Pink Notice


Green Party

Former Green Party and now BP Party member Dr Diana Warner said:

‘’We are throwing paint over the Green Party to show their complicity within a political system which is destroying us. The Green Party claims to have progressive policies such as a Green New Deal and degrowth economics. But there are two massive problems: firstly, if they were ever to come to power, they would implement these policies in a top-down way, as a largely white, middle-class group. 

Instead of this we need a new deliberative system of democracy in which ordinary people make decisions for themselves – not the professional elites. Citizen’s Assemblies are a tried and tested way of doing this. 

Secondly, the Green Party are totally failing to do anything significant against a government which is intent on pursuing a business as usual pathway to the planet’s destruction. 

We invited the Green Party to encourage their members to join us in nonviolent direct action against this murderous government. They haven’t replied. I think that speaks volumes about their passivity and complicity in the face of the greatest emergency in human history.’’

Labour Party:

At the scene, BP member Blyth Brentnall said:

“I recently withdrew my membership from the Labour Party and now support the throwing of paint over their headquarters out of total frustration with the farcical nature of party politics. Every one of them is as bad as the other for propping up our insufficient political system and failing to do anything significant against our hazardous government as it drives us to extinction. Kier Starmer has barely even mentioned the climate emergency since becoming leader. That speak volumes on where they are at on the biggest threat we’ve ever faced.”

Liberal Democrat Party:

“The Liberal Democrats want all the nice things, they look good on paper, but in practice they want all the shiny things of capitalism. They are being dishonest to themselves, meaning well but not being radical enough. It’s like sprinkling glitter on a turd, a bit like New Labour. I gave them a try and now I realise that they are the system defending itself and are delaying essential reform,” said BP party member and former Liberal Democrat campaigner Alex Dickinson.

Conservative Party

See below for a most recent example of the mortal failures of the Conservative Party, with contextualised quote from their own mouthpiece, MP Jack Lopresti.

Green Party HQ Action


Roger Hallam, Extinction Rebellion’s co-founder and a driving force behind BP, voiced his support for the BP members who graffiti painted and destroy windows at political party headquarters.

Hallam said, “We are heading for the biggest disaster in human history. If we’re really serious about what is going on and what needs to change, we need to do direct action and have a political party to change.”

BP member Rikki Roper, explained, “This may seem like wanton destruction, but there has to be action to shake moderates out of their complacency. The destruction of the entire planet is at stake.“

BP member Nick Cooper said: “COVID and these crises are not ‘muggers’ taking us by surprise, but scientifically predicted events. The politicians are the muggers, willfully abusing our trust and killing future generations”.

BP is committed to non-violent direct action. BP member Ben McGorty explained: “We have a duty to rebel against a government which forces us to be complicit in the death of our kids and the country. To not do so is not just “embarrassing” – it’s insanity.”

BP member Bishop Toby, said at the scene: “We are here today because neither the government nor any of the political parties are effectively standing up for the planet.”

Toby continued: “COVID is just a rehearsal for what’s to come. The government has completely fucked up on this crisis and has its head in the sand on the climate. None of the parties are holding the government to account. They are all complicit in the extermination of future generations.”


The Beyond Politics Party launched in June by stealing food from a Sainsbury’s supermarket to give to people for free in Camden. They preceded to do similar Robin Hood actions every week. On July 21 they switched to targeting liberal institutions for not acting proportionately to the crisis we face. They threw pink paint and left statements at four NGOs after they declined an invitation to join BP in nonviolent direct action.
  • The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) confirms that over-heating, flooding and water shortages are going to get much worse leading to social breakdown, and the government must act now to protect us:
  • “This is a moment to confront the range of climate risks that face the UK, including flooding, over-heating and water shortages, with realistic planning for the inevitable temperature rises ahead.” CCC report to parliament, June 2020.
  • Instead, government is making things worse by continuing with projects such as HS2, and by giving unconditional funding to genocidal fossil fuel-based industries. HS2 is destroying the very stuff of nature that helps protect us. The UK government is bailing out these industries rather than closing them down. It is giving them carte blanche to continue spewing out deadly carbon without end.
  • Jack Lopresti, MP, replying to questions from a constituent about how government is going to act in response to the CCC report, can come up with only one action the government will commit to: “the Government is accepting the recommendation of the Committee for the Treasury to lead a review into the costs of decarbonisation.”  Jack Lopresti, 28 July 2020.
  • The Government is complicit in mass murder and the political parties engaged in a treasonous betrayal of the British people by refusing to accept reality and bring down this administration.

Where is the clamour to indict the government in the face of their planned destruction of the British state and society? The four main political parties are acting as if they are already dead.

We are calling on them to step up and do whatever it takes to protect us. We call on political parties to meet us and take part in mass nonviolent direct action (NVDA), or to organize NVDA for themselves, or we tell them to get out of the way.

Treason! Treason! Treason!
Nothing’s Happening: On Throwing Paint at the Doors of NGO

The Citizens Assemblies are our last chance to save our future. We will do whatever it takes to give the power back to the people. So we rely on donations and membership fees to pay our way, advertise and help volunteers with their expenses.

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