+1.5°C Is Over – Business As Usual Is Over – Revolution Begins

+1.5°C is locked in.

A deeply inhospitable world is coming. Business as usual created it and must die. Only total human reinvention will help save us and that means political revolution.

Humans do not like change, but in the words of Greta, “change is coming whether we like it or not.”. Business as usual may seem safer or more comfortable a risk than revolution to some. But it is fatal. Political revolution is our last chance.

Why have we got to +1.5°C locked in? Who created this looming hell world? Global ruling elites created it. Governments created it. Human greed is the fast track to mass destruction of everything. Only political revolution will stop the system in its tracks.

Why let the few ruin it for the many? Many countries are currently suffering mass starvation and it is written into the futures of many more, signed and stamped already with +1.5°C locked in. Impossible heatwaves, droughts, water shortages, flooding set to increase and wipe out chances of growing food and surviving.

Political revolution or global social collapse.

People want to know the full facts in times of great crises and above all else people want solutions and actions. Governments are too busy focussing on their economies to consider telling their nations about the extent of the climate and ecological crisis. Governments cannot be trusted. Governments have not told their nations that 1.5 is locked in. There must be a political revolution or we die.

+1.5°C locked in means mass death and starvation; it means most of the world’s crops will go into decline. +2°C degrees means all the world’s crops will go into decline. Political revolution is now the absolute reality, and Burning Pink is at the forefront.

The birthing of political revolution through non-violent civil disobedience will be a path of painful sacrifice and great endurance. But this sacrifice is necessary for humanity to stand a chance of survival.

Birthing a political revolution is a labour of tough love. Political revolution will evolve through the people’s governance with a system of Citizens’ Assemblies. Citizens’ Assemblies will be born. Real democracy will be born.

Governments do not listen to the science. +1.5°C is now locked in. Scientists warned us for decades. Citizens’ Assemblies listen to the science. Political revolution will enable the science to be heard and  the facts acted upon.

We know that +1.5°C is locked in. Why are there no headlines in the press? Suppression. Denial. Secrets. Who knows? Who doesn’t know? Governments and politicians have lied and are lying. When so many have died and are dying, why are they not being held accountable?

Why are we accepting being governed by liars? These liars have created a hell world of +1.5°C locked in. It is clear that they driven by greed and not the survival of their citizens. Political revolution puts citizens in power. We will not stand by and watch millions suffer and die.

Eminent scientists turn to Governments. Who have not listened. Eminent scientists need to engage in political revolution and face the root of this evil destruction, rather than being complicit.

Join Burning Pink and join the political revolution of the 21st Century. We need action. We need to get with the programme. +1.5°C is already locked in. That means we won’t eat. We must replace politicians with Citizens’ Assemblies before it’s too late.

Citizens’ Assemblies provide the only solution for securing humanity’s survival. We must champion the cause. We must embrace Citizens’ Assemblies with all our passions. We can do this together.

Political revolution has started.

Quotes and references:

Citizens’ Assemblies: https://www.sortitionfoundation.org/citizens_assembly

Famine in Madagascar: https://time.com/6081919/famine-climate-change-madagascar/

Peter Carter, expert IPCC reviewer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VSE5ubpKhg

Sir David King Former Chief Scientific Advisor, United Kingdom

“Where we are today at just over 500 parts per million of carbon dioxide, methane and NOx [greenhouse] gases, we have already passed the tipping point [for systemic Arctic and Greenland systems change], we are already into a negative carbon budget. There is much discussion about how much carbon budget there is left to burn, and there is none, we have already burned far too much and we need to go into reverse.”

James Dyke @JamesGDyke

Anyone who at this point says “we need more political will to keep 1.5 alive” without then pointing out the need for transformative change & how even incremental change has proved so difficult, is not seriously engaging with the severity of the situation.

1.5 is a political/social construct. And one we very much support. The skepticism at the time then (and now) is that our current climate policy system cannot deliver the radical change required. Incrementalism & economic optimisation is not going to cut it. We are in a crisis.

David Spratt @djspratt Apr 26

Can we just stop pretending there is a carbon budget for the 1.5C #climate target? It has already been fully spent. http://Breakthroughonline.org.au/briefings

The Truth About Climate Change (Risk Assessor) @MarkCranfield_ May 4, 2019

Three years ago, Kevin Anderson explains that “it is now too late for 1.5°C” https://youtu.be/i6Huz1a1lXI?t=899

Professor Schellnhuber, Potsdam Institute – top top scientist. Quotes from video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PTRTwn3wrg

“….The IPCC still had to tell the world it’s still feasible to stop global warming at 1.5 degrees and this can only be achieved by the IPCC by a huge TRICK, namely immense negative emissions – I think this is a slightly dishonest take on the situation as nobody could really imagine how you could create this huge amount of negative emissions.”

“Not a good answer to an existential threat to our civilisation.”

“I personally think we cannot stop global warming at 1.5 deg C.  I still think we can stop short of 2 deg C.”

“We are in deep trouble: everyone has to change their lives now for the future and for humanity.”


“We struggle to name any climate scientist who at that time thought the Paris Agreement was feasible. We have since been told by some scientists that the Paris Agreement was “of course important for climate justice but unworkable” and “a complete shock, no one thought limiting to 1.5°C was possible”. Rather than being able to limit warming to 1.5°C, a senior academic involved in the IPCC concluded we were heading beyond 3°C by the end of this century.”

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